Network Interface

This is just a short overview about the XML messages which can be sent to the SSR via TCP/IP. By default, messages have to be terminated with a binary zero (\0). This can be changed to, for example, a newline / line feed (\n) or to a carriage return (\r) using one of the following ways:

  • Command line: Use the command line option --end-of-message-character=VALUE VALUE is the ASCII code for the desired character (binary zero: 0; line feed: 10; carriage return: 13).
  • Configuration file: Here, there is the option END_OF_MESSAGE_CHARACTER. See the example data/ssr.conf.example. Use ASCII codes here as well.

The choice of delimiter applies to, of course, both sent and received messages.

WARNING: We did not evaluate the network interface in terms of security. So please be sure that you are in a safe network when using it.


  • Load Scene: <request><scene load="path/to/scene.asd"/></request>
  • Clear Scene (remove all sources): <request><scene clear="true"/></request>
  • Set Master Volume (in dB): <request><scene volume="6"/></request>


  • Start processing: <request><state processing="start"/></request>
  • Stop processing: <request><state processing="stop"/></request>
  • Transport Start (Play): <request><state transport="start"/></request>
  • Transport Stop (Pause): <request><state transport="stop"/></request>
  • Transport Rewind: <request><state transport="rewind"/></request>
  • Transport Locate: <request><state seek="4:33"/></request> <request><state seek="1.5 h"/></request> <request><state seek="42"/></request> (seconds) <request><state seek="4:23:12.322"/></request>
  • Reset/Calibrate Head-Tracker: <request><state tracker="reset"/></request>


  • Set Source Position (in meters): <request><source id="42"><position x="1.2" y="-2"/></source></request>

  • Fixed Position (true/false): <request><source id="42"><position fixed="true"/></source></request>

    <request><source id="42">
      <position x="1.2" y="-2" fixed="true"/>
  • Set Source Orientation (in degrees, zero in positive x-direction): <request><source id="42"><orientation azimuth="93"/></source></request>

  • Set Source Gain (Volume in dB): <request><source id="42" volume="-2"/></request>

  • Set Source Mute (true/false): <request><source id="42" mute="true"/></request>

  • Set Source Name: <request><source id="42" name="My first source" /></request>

  • Set Source Model (point/plane): <request><source id="42" model="point"/></request>

  • Set Source Port Name (any JACK port): <request><source id="42" port="system:capture_3"/></request>

  • New Source (some of the parameters are optional):

      <source new="true" name="a new source"
          file="path/to/audio.wav" channel="2">
        <postition x="-0.3" y="1" fixed="true"/>
        <orientation azimuth="99"/>
      <source new="true" name="a source from pd"
          port="pure_data_0:output0" volume="-6">
        <postition x="0.7" y="2.3"/>
  • Delete Source: <request><delete><source id="42"/></delete></request>


  • Set Reference Position (in meters): <request><reference><position x="-0.3" y="1.1"/></reference></request>
  • Set Reference Orientation (in degrees, zero in positive x-direction): <request><reference><orientation azimuth="90"/></reference></request>